Cipières Altisurface - LF0652
  • ICAO : LF0652 (0652)

  • Altitude : 3740ft

  • Departement : 06 (Alpes Maritimes)

  • Runways : 1, Grass

Discover the "Cipières Altisurface" in the Southern french Alps thanks to this Vario Design Project and try to land on this 380 meters mountain grass runway.

Features :

  • HD 25cm/pixel ground tiles over the entire Altisurface,

  • Ultra detailed 3D buildings with HD Photorealistic textures,

  • Volumetric grass (3D) and custom vegetation,

  • Various vehicles as well as static planes and cars,

  • Many other details adding immersion and realism to the scenery (Birds, Static characters, traffic signs ...),-

  • Night and Winter textures !

  • 100% compatible with France VFR and Orbx products (tested),

  • FPS friendly (No impact even noticed)

V1.1 changelog :


  • Added night lighting 

  • Added new vegetation files

  • Corrected the issue where the grass could appear too "sharp" on the field, (can still be seen on old screenshots)

  • Corrected a mesh issue with some users

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