Fayence LFMF for MSFS


  • Altitude : 741 ft - (226 m) - (26.9 hPa)

  • Latitude : 43° 36' 22" N

  • Longitude : 006° 42' 10" E

  • Département : 83 (Var)

  • Runways : 3

The Fayence-Tourrettes Airfield (ICAO code: LFMF) is an airfield of the Var located 1.5 km at the south of Fayence and Tourrettes, two municipalities of the Var department in Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur. It is the headquarters of a famous gliding club : the "Association Aéronautique Provence Côte d'Azur" (AAPCA).

The field is reserved for the practice of gliding and the airfield became the first European center of gliding.

It generates part of the tourism activity of the municipality and the region, in the reception of French and European users.

Built on 45 ha, it has three grass runway including one principal of 830 meters long for 45 meters wide.

Features :

  • Ultra detailed 3D buildings with HD photorealistic textures

  • Various vehicles and about 10 real club-owned gliders faithfully reproduced and textured to match the real birds

  • Framerate Friendly, the Scenery weight has been optimized for you to get high quality textures without impacting the simulator loading time

  • Corrected altitude work

  • Local ambiance has also been corrected with vegetation added on "la pente" or "the slope" where we use to do slope soaring and antennas has been added to the "Lachens" to improve realism when flying in the area

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